Welcome at LoganTTT

TTT stands for, Translations, Training & Teaching.

Translations that accurately and effectively convey the same message as the original text.

Logan TTT, Translation bears in mind the original author’s writing style, and adheres to keeping the text as consistent as possible to the original text. The language and style choice is vital in making a text clear and enjoyable to read.

Logan TTT Translates brochures, pamphlets, websites, power point presentations, business consulting material, scripts, text, articles, and academic papers.

PRICE based on each project/length/complicity/time constraints generally an individual price quote can be made upon request and follow European standard price guidelines.


Translates from Dutch to English.


Want to improve your English skills, grammar, writing, and speaking?

Logan TTT has been conducting training courses and teaching English for more than a decade to Business clients and individuals as well as children of all ages.

These training sessions are designed to meet the client’s needs. With this in mind, we often come to the client’s place of business or residence.


Need to learn English? Logan TTT has been teaching English as a second language since 1997 with great success. Learning grammar can often be tedious and we look for a way to make it almost fun!


Telephone: 015 - 2146606 - E-mail: logan@loganttt.nl